What are merchant services?

The term merchant services covers a lot of ground. It describes the hardware, software, and financial services required for a business to accept credit, debit, and contactless payments, both in-person and online.

What is a merchant account?

A merchant account is what connects a business's bank account to their merchant service provider. The business and the provider enter into a merchant agreement that allows the business to accept and process credit, debit, and other forms of payment, and get the funds deposited in the business's bank account.

Why do businesses need merchant service providers?

Merchant service providers allow businesses accept payments both in-store via card readers and point-of-sale (POS) systems, and online via payment gateways and software. In general, there are three different types of merchant service providers: banks, ISO/MSPs, and fintech companies. Businesses pay for merchant services by either paying fees directly to their merchant service provider, or by passing on fees to cardholders. Burlington Bank Card is an ISO/MSP.

What's important when choosing a merchant service provider?

Secure and reliable payment processing, excellent service, low fees and no contracts.

What to look for? Burlington Bank Card
Fees Transparent interchange plus pricing or pass on the card fees with surcharging
Security Registered elavon payments provider since 2008
Compliance Full-service pci compliance and 100% compliant surcharging
Support 24/7 support and personal service
Payment Solutions Innovative and user-friendly payments hardware and software for both in-person and online
Funding Fast, reliable deposits in 1-2 days or same day
Contracts No contracts no cancellation fees

Why have so many businesses chosen Burlington Bank Card since 2008?


The low rates, transparent pricing, professional service.

Choose interchange plus pricing or a compliant surcharging program to get the lowest possible processing costs. Access 24/7 support and personal service anytime you need it.

No hidden fees. No compliance worries.

Pay the exact interchange or save even more and implement 100% compliant surcharging.

Secure and reliable payments with no contracts.

Terminals, payment devices, pos systems, and 3rd party integrations for in-person and online payments. End-to-end encrypted payments and fast, secure funding on elavon's top-rated processing network. No contracts, no cancellation fees.

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