Commercial Card Optimization

Elavon's Commercial Card Optimization service automatically collects the right transaction data on commercial, business, corporate, purchasing, and government credit cards, delivering significant cost savings on interchange fees.



Less than 50% of commercial card transactions qualify for the best rates. Why?

Because they are missing data. Business cards require up to 6 data points to get to Level 2 interchange, and corporate, purchasing, and commercial cards require up to 20 data points to qualify for Level 3 interchange.

Why are all these transactions missing data?

Because entering extra data every time you run a credit card is a hassle! And you need to use specialized payment processing software that can submit and store the Level 2 and Level 3 data. And, if you don't get all the data submitted exactly correctly, the transactions won't qualify at Level 2 or 3, and all that extra work was for nothing!

Commercial Card Optimization does it for you.


prices going down

Commercial card optimization automatically collects and submits the extra data that takes a transaction from Level 1 down to Level 2 or Level 3.

Everything is done on the backend, so no specialized software or extra work is required, you can just run cards as usual.

And you can't mess anything up by submitting the wrong data - transactions qualify at the lowest rates 100% of the time.

Commercial Card Optimization is available on all Elavon processing solutions.

  • Terminals, payment gateways, and 3rd party and direct certified payment solutions.
  • Implementation is completely backend and has no impact on how you process cards. 

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