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Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Interchange Plus Pricing

Choose any plan, there are no sales volume requirements.

Interchange Plus Monthly Service
0.10% + $0.10 $10.00
0.05% + $0.05 $35.00
0% + $0.05 $75.00

Interchange plus is a great option if you want to lower your costs, but you don't want to have to charge your customers anything extra.

Credit Card Surcharging

Offset fees with an automatic surcharge on credit cards. Our surcharging solutions are 100% compliant with all card brand rules and state laws.

There is no surcharge on debit, so customers can always choose debit for a free payment option.

Credit Cardholder Pays 3.00% Surcharge
Debit Merchant Pays 1.00% + $0.25
Monthly Service $25.00 per month

Dual Pricing

Offer a discount to customers who pay with cash and offer both cash and credit prices, just like gas stations have done for years.

Tender Price
Cash $1.00
Card $1.04
Monthly Service $99.00

Point of Sale

Process payments with talech POS for mobile, terminal, and point-of-sale.


talech Mobile

The talech Mobile app is included free with your account, and gives you everything you need to run your business on the go.

  • Process payments on your smart phone.
  • Send e-invoices and collect online payments.
  • Free with your account.

talech Terminal

The talech pos on the Ingenico Axium smart terminal

  • Wireless terminal with card reader and printer.
  • WiFi and 4G connectivity.
  • E-invoicing and online payments.
  • Add to your account for $15 per month.

talech Register

The talech Register is a scalable POS for retail, restaurant, and service businesses.

  • Works on both Android and iOS
  • Supports a wide range of hardware peripherals
  • Includes gift / e-gift, online ordering, e-invoicing, and QR order & pay
  • Add to your account for $99 per month.
poynt c smart terminal.jpg


Simple, secure transactions via text message.

  • Request payment via message
  • Pay via secure code
  • Add to your account for $60 per month.

Learn more about Text2Pay

processing a contactless payment with a smart phone and smart terminal

Looking for something else? We can help!

We have a full selection of terminals, payment gateways, and integrated solutions.

  • Ingenico, PAX, and Poynt terminals and pin pads.
  • Authorize.Net, Converge, NMI, CenPOS gateways.
  • Over 200 payment applications certified to the Elavon network.

See the Processing Solutions Price List below for more details and pricing, or give us a call.

Transparent Pricing

Standard 2 Day ACH Free
Next Day $10 per month
Same Day $15 per month
Real Time / FedNOW Coming soon
Deposits Less Fees Free
Fees At End Of Month $35 per year
Amex Opt Blue 0.50% + $0.10
International Card Handling 0.75% + $0.10
Dial Communication $0.05
Return Item / NSF $20.00
Chargeback $25.00
Account Maintenance (per update to DBA, DDA, or EIN) $25.00
2nd Day Air  $25.00
PCI Compliance $74.99 per month
Discounted PCI Compliance $0.00 per month
Discount Requirements Certify compliance within 90 days of opening your account and renew annually


Terminals Buy Rent
Ingenico Desk 3500 $150 $10 per month
Ingenico Desk 3500 Wi-Fi $225 $10 per month
Ingenico MOVE 5000 + base $600 $20 per month
Smart Terminals Buy Rent
Poynt C $700 $30 per month
Newlamd 910 $550 $30 per month
Ingenico Axium DX8000 $425 $15 per month
Pin Pads Buy Rent
Ingenico Desk 1500 $225 $10 per month
Ingenico Link 2500 $225 $10 per month
Ingenico Lane 3000 $300 $10 per month
Ingenico Lane 5000 $400 $15 per month
Payment Gateways Gateway Fee Per Transaction
Converge $10 per month $0.00
Converge w/ Token $10 per month $0.10
Authorize.Net $15 per month $0.10
NMI $15 per month $0.10
talech POS Software Set-Up SaaS
Mobile Free Free
Terminal Free Free
Starter Free $29 per month
Standard $99 $69 per month
Premium $99 $99 per month
Additonal Device Free $29 per month
talech POS Hardware Buy Rent
iPad Supply Your Own N/A
elo iSeries 4.0 Slim (touch-screen) $1200 $20 per month
elo iSeries w/ CFD $1400 $20 per month
elo iSeries detached CFD $450 N/A
Ingenico Lane 3000 $300 $10 per month
Ingenico LINK 2500 $225 $10 per month
Star MCP-31 Receipt Printer $500 $10 per month
Star SP700 Kitchen Printer $350 $15 per month
Star POP Barcode Scanner $225 $10 per month
Val-U-Line Cash Drawer $150 $10 per month

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