These days, when a customer has a bad experience they are apt to want to go online and write about it. Reviews sites like Yelp, Google, and Tripadvisor provide a ready forum for customer reviews online, and it turns out people read them. Stats like "88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations" and "92% of people regularly read online reviews" cannot be ignored. Online reviews, good and bad, have a huge impact on a business's brand and success, but with so many review sites and so many reviews being written and read by so many people, it's extremely diffculty thing for most businesses to keep up with. Just responding to complaints alone can be a full-time job.

SpotOn Review Management Can Help!

SpotOn Review Management software collects all your reviews into one centralized dashboard, making it easier to respond to bad reviews, and easier to generate positive reviews. And !the best part, SpotOn Review Management is included free with your Spot On Restaurant POS!

Monitor and improve your online reviews to attact new customers.

  • Save time by monitoring all your online reviews in one place.
  • Get automated notifications when new reviews are posted.
  • Earn more positive reviews with automated prompts to your happiest customers.
  • Attract more customers over time as your online scores and search ranking improve.
  • Grow revenue with the other great tools included with the SpotOn Platform.

Manage, Respond, Nurture

  • Save Time. We compile all of your reviews in one place for you.
  • Respond in Real-Time. Address negative reviews before they become a serious problem.
  • Drive Repeat Visits. Send limited-time deals with SpotOn Marketing.
  • Grow Your Brand. Get more positive reviews when customers redeem deals and rewards.
  • Go Mobile. Manage everything, even on the go, with the SpotOn Business Dashboard app.

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