talech for Retail

talech is a hosted point of sale system for retail businesses that comes in two versions: Standard and Premium.

talech is a hosted point of sale system for retail businesses that comes in two versions: Standard and Premium.

  • Standard POS Software: $69.00 per month.
  • Premium POS Software: $99.00 per month.
  • Each Additional Register: $29.00 per month.
  • Online Ordering: Included with Premium.
  • POS Hardware: Apple iPad or Ingenico Moby
  • Support: 24x7 phone and email support.

Easy-to-use / learn, fast, and reliable, the talech pos app delivers the tools you need for your retail operation.

talech can operate on two different hardware platforms: Apple iPad or Ingenico Moby tablet POS.

Both iPad and Moby support a wide range of hardware peripherals: receipt printers, bar code scanners, cash drawers, card readers, customer facing displays, label printers, scales, and more.

Access your data any time, any where with real-time cloud-based reporting on revenue, sales, employees, payments, products, inventory, vendors, customer activity, and more.

Point of Sale Software Features

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

  • Real-time inventory control with shared counts, bulk product upload and editing, and barcode and label printing.
  • Easily edit, move, and add / remove items from inventory.
  • Premium Features: Inventory tracking with supplier tracking, inventory alerts, purchase orders, inventory log, and stock take.
Employee Management

Employee Management

  • Multi-level user access and tracking sales by employee.
  • Clock-in, clock out and time sheets.
  • Multiple roles per employee.
  • Labor cost reporting.
Payments & Discounts

Payments & Discounts

  • Integrated dip, tap, and swipe credit card processing.
  • Cash drawer management. Track no sales, payouts, drops, and pay-ins. Manage multiple cash drawers.
  • Custom, basic, automatic, and BOGO discounts. Discount stacking, fixed price discounts, item and order level discounts, and loyalty based discounts.
  • Exchanges, store credit, return without receipt, and service charges.
  • Multiple tax support with tax inclusive pricing, fixed amount taxes, control taxes per category and per product, toggle taxes during order creation.
Customer Management

Customer Management

  • Capture customer contact information and view all past orders for a customer.
  • View customer metrics - days since last visit, number of visits, total and average spend.
  • Download customer list, track store credit by customer, customer loyalty program.
  • Premium Features: Send and track marketing campaigns.


  • Sales summary, payment type, tax, and cash drawer reports.
  • Sales by product, category, supplier, and employee.
  • Real time reporting, automated reports via email, receipt and transactions report.
  • Insight, dashboard, product mix, void, discount, and gift card reporting.
  • Time sheet, labor cost, and business shift based reporting.
  • Tag products and categories to create custom reporting.
  • Download all reports in Excel.
  • Premium Features: Marketing campaign report.
Online Ordering

Online Ordering

  • Create a mobile-friendly website with brand and logo customization with just a few clicks.
  • Display product images and choose which products to sell online. Set minimum order amounts and pay online or in-store.
  • All orders are managed directly in the talech app. Auto-approve orders, take orders for a future date, and pause online ordering or set a delay.
  • In-app, email, and SMS notifications. Auto-updates to customers when an order is accepted, ready, or delayed. Order status page with real-time updates and maps and driving directions to your business.

Online Ordering is included with Premium and $49.00 per month with Standard.

Additional Features

Additional Features

  • Multi-store: Included.
  • Kiosk Mode: Included.
  • Customer Facing Display: Included.
  • Gift Cards: $20.00 per month.
  • Loyalty Program: $30.00 per month.


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