CPS Retail Debit

CPS Retail Debit is the Visa Interchange rate for base debit card types in a card present and signature credit transaction.

Interchange fee: 0.80% + $0.15

Change History:

  • 0.80% + $0.15 April 2012

  • 0.95% + $0.20 April 2010

  • 1.03% + $0.15 October 2009

Primary Qualifications:

  • Cardholder and card present, signature obtained, single electronic authorization, merchant name, city, and state included in authorization

  • Read & transmit complete magnetic stripe, transaction settled within 1 day of authorization, authorization response data included in settled transaction.

  • Clearing amount must equal authorization amount except for the following sic codes: 4121 (Taxicabs & Limosines), 5813 (Bars & Taverns), 7230 (Barber & Beauty Shop), 7298 (Health & Beauty Spas). This is to account for tipping in these business types.

When was the last time Visa increased interchange fees on retail debit?

It's been awhile, as you can see from the above change history. In fact, the last three changes have seen the debit interchange rate go down to it's current level: 0.80% + $0.15 per transaction. This puts it on par with most of the PIN debit interchange rates. So it would seem Visa has been lowering signature debit interchange fees to make them more competitive with PIN debit, as PIN entry has been displacing signature as the preferred debit card transaction type in the U.S. market.