CPS Retail Debit Regulated

CPS Retail Debit Regulated is the Visa Interchange Rate set by the Federal Reserve capping Interchange Fees charged by U.S. credit card issuing banks with over $10 billion in assets. Also known as "Durbin Debit" or "Regulated Debit Interchange."

Interchange fee: 0.05% + $0.22 

Change History:

  • Introduced October 2011

Primary Qualifications:

  • All transactions.
  • All transaction types.
  • Cannot downgrade.

When was the last time the interchange rate for CPS retail debit regulated went up?

Never. In fact, it's never gone up or down since it was introduced with the Durbin Amendment in October 2011. Unlike all other interchange rates and fees, regulated debit interchange fees are not set by Visa, but instead are determined by the Federal Reserve.

Which debit cards are regulated?

Cards issued by banks with over $10 billion is assets are regulated. This is most large banks, but can also be cards issued by credit unions that aggregate card issuing via credit union associations that themselves are large enough to be regulated.