CPS Retail 2 Card Present

CPS Retail 2 Card Present is a Visa Interchange Rate for "Emerging Markets". Emerging markets are industries where Visa is attempting to encourage payment card use, so the interchange rates are lower than regular retail interchange fees.

Interchange fee: 1.43% + $0.05

Change History:

  • None

Primary Qualifications:

  • Transaction can be full magnetic stripe read or key-entered. 
  • Transaction settled within 1 days of authorization, authorization response data included in settled transaction. 
  • Transactions must be from one of the following sic codes:  9211 (Court Costs), 9222 (Fines), 9399 (Government Services), 8211 (Elementary and Secondary Schools), 8220 (Colleges and Universities), 8299 (Schools and Educational Services), 5960 (Direct Marketing - Insurance Services), 6300 (Insurance Sales / Underwriting / Premiums), 4899 (Cable TV), 5968 (Direct Marketing - Subscriptions), 5983 (Fuel Dealers), 8351 (Child Care Services), 8398 (Charitable).
  • Developing Markets Only

What are the emerging markets where Visa is trying to increase payments by card?

Some examples of emerging markets are government, courts, fines (remember when you could only pay a parking ticket by check?), schools, fuel dealers, insurance, and magazine subscriptions. These business types used to be dominated by check writing, but are now increasing the use of payment cards.