CPS E-commerce Preferred Debit

CPS E-commerce Preferred Debit is a Visa Interchange rate for a base card type ecommerce debit transaction. It's "preferred" because the transaction is submitted with additional information to better verify the transaction (Verified By Visa), but the rate is the same as E-commerce Basic Debit.

Interchange Fee: 1.55% + $0.15

Change History:

  • None

Primary Qualifications:

  • Single electronic authorization
  • Authorization must include Address Verification (AVS) and 3-D Secure attempt, order number, and customer service number
  • Purchase date equal to shipping date and within 7 days of authorization
  • Transaction settled on or 1 day after purchase/shipping date
  • Settled amount must equal authorized amount, authorization response data included in the settled transaction.
  • Internet merchants should qualify at this rate