High Value Full UCAF

High Value Full UCAF (Universal Cardholder Authentication Field) is the MasterCard Interchange Fee for a high value rewards card ecommerce credit transaction.

Interchange fee: 2.60% + $0.10

Primary Qualifications:

  • Consumer card, Card Acceptor ID, Name, Street Address, City, Postal Code and Country Code, Electronic Commerce Security Level Indicators and Terminal Types for UCAF must be present, settled within 4 days, and is conducted with Merchant Security and Cardholder verification.
  • The sixth position of the approval code must be either an "S" meaning participation in MasterCard High Value or "T" meaning participation in MasterCard High Value and MasterCard Product Graduation.

Change History:

  • 2.50% + $0.10 October 2019
  • 2.30% + $0.10 October 2014