MasterCard Chargeback Reason Codes

Reason Code 4801: Requested Data Transaction Not Received

Reason Code 4802: Requested/Required Information Illegible or Missing

Reason Code 4807: Warning Bulletin File:

Reason Code 4808: Requested/Required Authorization Not Obtained

Reason Code 4812: Account Number Not on File

Reason Code 4831: Transaction Amount Differs

Reason Code 4834: Duplicate Processing

Reason Code 4835: Card Not Valid or Expired

Reason Code 4837: No Cardholder Authorization

Reason Code 4840: Fraudulent Processing of Transactions

Reason Code 4841: Canceled Recurring Transaction

Reason Code 4842: Late Presentment

Reason Code 4846: Correct Transaction Currency Code Not Provided

Reason Code 4847: Requested/Required Authorization Not Obtained and Fraudulent Transaction 

Reason Code 4849: Questionable Merchant Activity

Reason Code 4850: Credit Posted as a Purchase

Reason Code 4853: Cardholder Dispute-Defective/Not as Described

Reason Code 4854: Cardholder Dispute-Not Elsewhere Classified (U.S. Region Only)