In-App Payments

Elavon Pay SDK

Elavon Pay SDK

  • Pay SDK allows you to integrate in-app payments through the Converge platform. With the quick drop deployment, you can start accepting payments now.

Pay SDK accelerates a the ability to implement Apple Pay in-app payments for goods and services. Pay SDK reduces a business' development effort therefore accelerating a company’s time to market to accept in-app payments.

The Pay SDK is a software development kit that enables our customers to implement in-app payments for goods and services utilizing Apple Pay.

Features of Pay SDK include:

  • Support the ability to process Apple Pay in-app payments with plans to include Samsung and Android in the future.
  • Processing handled through the Converge gateway.
  • Ability to handle Authorization and Sale payment types.
  • Updated Converge authentication ensures Converge API credentials are not stored on consumer devices.
  • Merchant activities of Void, Refund, Partial Shipment and Settlement handled through the Converge Virtual Terminal.
  • Will support both US and Canada.