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Interchange Plus 0% + $0.05 and $45.00 per month

Process payments using Elavon's Converge payment gateway, or choose to use Authorize.Net or Network Merchants Inc as your gateway.

You can also reprogram a compatible existing gateway at no cost.

The interchange plus pricing on this plan covers Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and PIN Debit.

Converge provides a full payment stack with many add-ons available, including ACH, Tokenization, 3DS 2.0, Level 2&3, V/MC Updater, and Tsys.

  • Tokenization / Card Vault: $0.05 per transaction.
  • Level 3 Data: $0.15 per transaction.
  • 3D-Secure 2.0: $0.05 per transaction.
  • V/MC Account Updater: $0.25 per transaction.
  • ACH: $0.35 per transaction.
  • Tsys Network: $0.05 per transaction.

Authorize.Net $0.10 per transaction. Your own reprogrammable license.


  • Return Item/NSF (per occurrence): $20.00.
  • Account Maintenance (per occurrence): $25.00 (update to DBA, DDA, or EIN).
  • Chargeback (per occurrence): $25.00.
  • Dial Communication (per occurrence): $0.05.
  • 2nd Day Air (per occurrence): $25.00.
  • Amex Opt Blue 0.50% + $0.10.
  • International Card Handling: 0.75% + $0.10.
  • PCI Compliance: $74.99 per month, discounted to $0.00 per month. Must certify compliance within 90 days of account opening and renew annually in order to maintain discount.

Established in 2008, Burlington Bank Card is a registered Merchant Service Provider and Elavon Payments Partner located in Burlington, Vermont.  As a registered merchant service provider, we can buy credit card interchange rates at the same price as any other bank or credit card processor. By dealing direct and having low overhead, we are able to pass on extremely cost effective interchange plus rates to our merchant customers both in Vermont and nationwide.

As a registered ISO/MSP and Elavon payments partner, we provide access to Elavon's secure and reliable processing network with 24x7 support and industry-leading payments technology.

  • $300 billion in commerce annually.
  • 5.6 billion annual transactions.
  • 1.3 million merchant customers worldwide
  • Direct and gateway certification to hundreds of payment applications.
  • Card Not Present Awards winner for Best Processor and Best Gateway (Converge).
  • Subsidiary of U.S. Bank with $460 billion in assets and 18 million customers.

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