Customer Emails

9/16/2010: Thank you for your help and follow up, I really appreciate it.  I will give you a call when the terminal arrives. 

12/15/2010: Thanks for the calibrated pinpad (it worked today) and the Trustwavel ink.  I just completed the questionnaire and I am in ""full compliance""."YEEAAAAHHH.  Whatever that means...

1/11/2011: Here is the name of the persons that I am working with for credit card processing. I had been using a different vendor, but they are providing better service at less cost. It is worth checking out.

2/3/2011: yep, found it right after I emailed you. I called and we got the two questionable transactions straightened out. Very helpful on their end. Thanks!

4/5/2011: Thank You For Your Help And Quick Response !!

7/23/2012: Your the best. I don't know how to use my fax...can I bring it Thursday?

7/30/2012 Thanks David, I haven't seen anything and might well have thought it was more junk if I had. I'll follow the link you sent. Just another reason you're priceless! (My hairdresser doesn't take cards so I told her about you. Don't know if she was persuaded...)
8/20/2012: The Burlington Bank Card workshop was great - so many questions during the presentation he could not get through the entire presentation.
10/24/2012: Thank you for getting in contact with me.  I went to visit your web site and really like the merchant services you offer. Especially the transparent pricing! I will fax our last two monthly statements to your attention and look forward to hearing from you.
12/7/2012: Thanks for the breakdown on how the cards work.  That's very helpful.
12/17/2012: Awesome Dave - you rock!! If I didn't have 10,000 other things to worry about I'd totally sleep tonight!! Thanks so much
1/6/2013: I just wanted to shoot you a quick thank you note for all of your help.  It has always been my business philosophy to surround myself with good people and to trust my instincts.  You arrived on our doorstep when we needed help and have provided us with a great service.  The credit card person from the bank arrived way too late in the process but, as our business banker, offered to look at the rates, etc from you.  Frankly, her eyes popped and she had to chokingly admit we had a great deal with you."
 It would have been very easy for you to give us a less than great deal as I am sure you realized we had no time to shop around and were exceptionally green in this business.  Thank you for your integrity with this and know that it has guaranteed our long-term business.
1/7/2013: Thanks for the super fast response time Dave! You were the first call and the first to get back to me. I think I am going to go with you as you've given me the best price and service so far.
1/17/2013: We had our first AMEX charge this week . All seems to work great. Thanks for you help.
2/4/2013: Dave, I wanted to let you know that I am really glad that we have you as a provider. Being able to speak with you over the weekend was ahuge help.
3/3/2013: here you go - probably worth a call and pay yourself more in 2013!
6/13/2013: Hi Dave, thanks so much for the review. The savings will mean a lot to me!
6/5/2013:You rock. Thanks!
9/22/2013: Dave thanks for the heads up I totally forgot to do this. It has been completed!
11/15/2013: Thanks so much.  I really appreciate the rush. 
1/8/2014: Don't spend a fortune on a #POS system for your business. Use the #iPad as your POS. Our friends @BTVMerchants have great solutions.
1/10/2014: So far I am very pleased with the credit card processing - no problems and good support from Elavon when we needed it.  I may have a referral for you.  How do you want me to handle that and do you, by chance, have some type of referral program?
1/31/2014: Hi,Dave,thanks for responding me promptly.I will happy to accept your offer and keep doing business with you for your outstanding customer service and rate.I am looking for a new terminal.Please recommend me a good one.Thanks.

2/1/2014: Thanks Dave.  I just want to say ""You're the BEST!"""
3/112014: Thanks for holding my hand on this. I'm so busy with coordinating deliveries with the storm and such.

7/11/2014: Awesome thanks for all you've done Have a great day!

9/20/2014: The first night went great! Thank you for your help and time these last few days!!!

1/28/2015: Thanks.  I won't be changing to another company at this time. Like dealing with someone local that I have a good relationship with.

1/30/2015: Thanks for being so speedy!

2/4/2015: DONE!! Thank you SO much!

2/5/2015: Thank you again for your help. I just referred someone over to you and it will be my pleasure to continue to.

2/13/2015: I haven't found any service out there quite like what you offer. ;)

4/10/2015: We went live today, Thanks for all your help! A lot of great reporting. I'm in heaven!

5/5/2015: Dave we are all set and up and running!  Thanks for your help, Susan.

5/26/2015: Thank you for sending the shipping label. We decided to keep the verifone.  I just gave it to the UPS driver.  Thank you so much for your help.

6/3/2015: All in all, we a very satisfied with the system and the support team.  It is miles above Clover!

6/5/2015: Thanks for keeping me in mind, Dave. I appreciate it.

6/6/2015: Ha ha Dave, I just thought of that myself!  Thanks.  By the way, we have already had a chip card this morning and it all went well.

6/11/2015: Thank you for looking at this for me. I have highly recommended you to my friends...hopefully you have/will see their business.

7/20/2015: Your responsiveness, late at night on a weekend (!), counts for a lot in my book. Thanks, Ben

7/23/2015: Hey! That was quick, thanks :) 

7/31/2015: I Hope all is well. I am a happy customer since last year. Would like to use you guys for another one of my business.

8/18/2015: Thanks for the information. Just a note on another member who took your services. WRA uses your system and Ron is very pleased with the results but also the cost savings he gets each month. He will never be as big as PS but for him the savings are huge.

8/18/2015: Hope all is well. I am going to use you guys for one more account.

8/19/2015: Despite the above hiccups and the way the sales tax is handled in VI's QB (our problem, not yours) I REALLY like the new system and think Mary should convert at FA when funds allow. The amount of information and the ease (on the days that are seamless) of inputting the deposits is a huge improvement and will ultimately save her/me a ton of time.

9/17/2015: Dave is a local credit card merchant. He offers POS systems, mobile card processing, retail solutions -- pretty much anything have to do with processing credit cards. Hope that helps -- he's a great guy. You can let him know I sent you over if you reach out.

10/9/2015: we are all set thank you dave for your help these past couple weeks.

10/29/2015: Thanks for your help.

11/10/2015: I've waited for about 6 weeks before I got back with you.  Everything from our terminal setup to daily transactions to my October statement has been so smooth.  I wanted to let you know that you and your services have far exceeded my expectations from a card processor.  Deposits are timely and the fees are much better; even the terminal is great too.  I'm glad to say I can't think of any problem to report. Thanks for everything.

11/12/2015: Oh yeah, duh! Thanks Dave

11/28/2015: Hi Dave - all set thx so much for responding so quickly - appreciate it greatly!

12/7/2015: Got it! Thanks so much

12/8/2015: Your service is impeccable.  What should I do now? Thanks for everything.

12/21/2015: Hey Dave, just want to say thanks again for helping me through the PCI questionnaire and explaining to me how to answer the questions. Really appreciate the high level of service you've been providing me.

1/8/2016: Your service is impeccable.  What should I do now? Thanks for everything.

2/8/2016: Thank Dave! Aaron just got home & filled me in....I appreciate your help!

2/10/2016: Thanks Dave for always responding.

2/11/2016: Thank you for that detailed explanation.  I certainly have always appreciated your being totally up front with me which is why I chose to go with you and will stay with you. I couldn't help but look into this.  I hope you understand that.  Anyway, thanks again.  I'm not going anywhere.

2/11/2016: Great, Dave, thanks again.

4/13/2016: I talked to a local merchant this week about the great service/fees we are getting with you and Elavon.  He was very interested and will need a terminal/pin pad but is not tech savvy.  I think he may also need a mobile solution.  What link would you suggest I share with him? By the way, I still can't believe how much I am saving with your service.

4/19/2016: Great! Thank you for your help with this! Fast as always!

4/20/2016: That will work. Appreciate it. Thank you for the help over the weekend.

4/20/2016: Thank you Dave!!!! I'll be in touch soon to let you know how it's going.

4/26/2016: Thank you Dave.  Hopefully we will do business again soon.

5/20/2016: Thank you for all your help!

5/26/2016: Thank you very much for your time on the phone yesterday. Attached you will find a merchant statement. I will forward 4 statements in 4 separate E mails. You don't need to do them all. I just happened to have these handy. I look forward to seeing what kind of savings you guys can offer. You were right by the way... One of the other processors that we have been talking with called yesterday and after I mentioned interchange plus pricing she said they do offer that, but she didn't think that's what we wanted... ha ha  Her new quote was much better. Why exactly would we not want to pay less I do not understand... I suppose they just wanted to make a few more bucks. I would much rather work with a company that is transparent and strait forward from the get go.

5/29/2016: I just want to verify that the fees listed here are correct.  It looks like your $40 is also included in the $606, is that right? Are these the only transaction fees being charged to us? If so, it looks like the average charge on a percentage basis is only 1.4%, or less.  How is this possible given the interchange rates?  Is it because the Regulated Debit VISA charge is only 0.05% ? Please advise.

6/1/2016: You're a good man, Dave. Thanks -

6/6/2016: Thanks for the help completing the PCI certification, Dave.  Great to see you this am! 

8/2/2016: Hi Dave everything good happy with my choice how do I set up gift cards ???

8/4/2016: That sounds great.  Thanks, Dave!

8/14/2016: Thanks again Dave! Sorry to bother you on your day of rest! Stop in and check out the shop when you get the chance, it looks a little different now.

8/15/2016:  We enjoyed working with you, this system was great. We will encourage the new owners to stick with it and also told them that you are great about coming down and going over things as well...

9/20/2016: Everything continues to go great with my card processing; I just have a quick matter to verify with you.

10/24/2016: Thanks for reaching out. It turns out the switch or the splitter got fried. My IT guy had a new one which I hooked up and it fixed everything just fine. Thank you very much though.

10/28/2016: Thank  you very much Dave.

10/28/2016: Thank you for your help with this.  I did finally get the refund through.  My employee said yes to this tip warning, unfortunately...Thanks again

11/1/2016: perfect! Thank you- sorry to bother you with that, I just wasn't sure if it had gone through.

11/6/2016: Thanks for getting back to me. I figured it out. Enjoy your vacation!

11/10/2016: BINGO! Finally that worked. TY I’m so relieved I can pull that out of my To-Do pile!

11/10/2016: I appreciate your help Dave!

11/11/2016: Thanks Dave.  You're a good boy just the same.

11/16/2016: Hi Dave, Wow, I already have the website processing live transactions! Everything has been so much easier/faster/better than any payment processor I have worked with in the past. Thanks again for a quick and easy (relatively) setup.

11/20/2016: Well, that answers that! Thanks so much for clarifying! I definitely will be sticking with you guys!

11/24/2016: Happy Turkey day to you, Dave!

12/13/2016: First...thank you,we did realize substantial savings in card processing last year

12/16/2016: Amazing. I'm glad I remembered you. You're awesome.

12/17/2016: You're awesome! Thanks, merry Christmas

12/19/2016: All set, thanks Dave!

2/9/2017: Great! Thanks BTW – you can vote for us on the survey link below for the Best of Business Awards (I’d vote for you if there was a Merchant Processor Award!

2/11/2017: Thanks Dave!

3/2/2017: Phew! Thanks for having my business's back!

3/9/2017: Thanks again and have a great day!

4/13/2017: Thanks Dave!!!

4/14/2017: Gosh they’re easy to deal with (just like you)

4/25/2017: Thank you again for all your help!

4/25/2017: Thanks for getting back to me so fast! that worked. thanks again!

4/28/2017: All set, thank you! Have a nice weekend!

4/30/2017: Looking forward to another season of effortless charging!

5/8/2017: I have started the process and so far so good, I think!  I now have to run the scans so I will be doing that hopefully tomorrow.  I will keep you posted.  Thank you

5/9/2017: Thanks! I'll probably reach out with some questions at some point, but really appreciate all the help thus far.

6/6/2017: Yes, super, everything is working now! Thank you very much!

6/10/2017:  Thanks again for your time and kind assistance!

6/15/2017: That did the trick! Thank you pal.

6/29/2017: Outstanding! Thanks so much for your help.

7/11/2017: Thank you so much! I'm glad it was a quick fix!

7/21/2017: Thank you so much for sorting that out! Have a great weekend!

7/26/2017: Thank you! I can always count on a quick response! It is sooo helpful!

7/31/2017: Great, thank you so much!

8/2/2017: Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!

8/8/2017: Thank you so much for your help!

8/8/2017: It is my intention to move forward as soon as possible. I spoke to Andy and saw the club. He spoke highly of the support and said any problems had been solved quickly.

8/9/2017: Thank you Dave!

8/24/2017: Thank you!!! Saved my weekend!!

9/15/2017: Thank you! Have a great weekend.

9/20/2017: Thanks for the great service

9/21/2017: Thank you greatly for the call and you’re assistance in getting us in compliance.  I greatly appreciate your help.

10/4/2017:  I appreciate your help. Thanks again!

10/10/2017: Hi Dave.  Do you have our order book that is most always on the counter but can't be found today.  Please check.  It's a spiral bound with a lot of info we need.  This is your chance to say if it was on the 'cloud' it would be there for you.  Please don't.

10/12/2017: Our system is working beautifully so far.  Thank you for helping with application and set-up!

10/17/2017: Thank you so much for the speedy reply. Hope you had a great summer and all is well!

10/19/2017: Great, thank you for your help.

10/25/2017: Thank you this is worth its weight in GOLD! Can I send you a John Deere hat?

10/25/2017: Woo hoo!  Thank you for setting this up!

10/26/2017:  I just thought you would like to know that many people/companies have come to try to get me to switch my cc processing.  I like to give them the challenge of beating my rates.  So far no one has been able to.  So glad to be doing business with you!

11/2/2017: Will do Dave, thank you!

11/8/2017: Thank you...could have been a nightmare!

12/7/2017:  We are all set. I had to make a change in her permission options now that it was retail. Thank you for your help!

12/15/2017: Thank you Dave. Look forward to getting it going!

12/27/2017: Thank you for the quick response!  I have always appreciated your timely help.  Please be assured that I will never make a move from you and Burlington without full and honest discussion beforehand.  You have been great to deal with!  And, in this case, I will certainly stay with you.

1/4/2018: *clapping loudly* while bowing to your greaterness, :-)  Seriously, thank you, Dave.

1/7/2018: ROCK ON!!

1/10/2018: Dave – we're up and running and saving money J. All looks good.

1/19/2018: Thanks!! So easy, I love it!

1/26/2018: One again, thank you!

2/14/2018: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!   I really appreciate the time it took for you to do that for me. My business is not what it was before I sold the lamp part of it, but I still need to accept charge cards for showroom and internet sales. I am getting older, but expect to be functional for several more years so your service is really important for me.

2/14/2018: Hi Dave,  Thank you for alerting me about my noncompliance.  I just completed everything for the PCI comlpiance.

2/14/2018: Thank you for your help!

3/20/2018: DONE! Thanks, have a good one!

3/31/2018: Thanks Dave – I appreciate you looking into this for us!

4/10/2018: Hi Dave thank you

5/21/2018: Thanks again for all your help Dave.  Have a great weekend.